ANDREW HERDER Developer | Milwaukee, WI

About Me

I’m Andrew, a developer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Once upon a time I worked as an animator at an internship where we were making a game in Unity. I had been asking one of the developers on the project to implement a script to render out one of the animations properly. After multiple requests with no movement he finally replied to me with “If you want the script in so badly, figure out how to add it yourself.”

So I did – and I’ve been coding ever since.

I currently work at Northwestern Mutual as a Full Stack Engineer.

I have experience in HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, SVG, JS, Jquery, Angular1, Angular2+, React, Redux, Node, Typescript, WordPress, C#, Agile, Unity, Ionic, Electron, Node, Linux, Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, 3DS Max, HTML emails, Grunt, Babel, Git, Xcode, iOS, Android, MYSQL, MSSQL and a ton of other buzzwords.

HTMLCSSSASSSVGJavascriptJQueryAngularReactReduxNodeTypescriptWordpressPHPC#AgileUnityIonicElectronNodeLinuxSQLDesignPhotoshopIllustratorSketch3DS Max

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